The 5 C's of Instagram Growth

Instagram is becoming one of the most important social networks going.  Models have launched careers, and companies have built huge customer bases thanks to the image-based service.  Beyonce and Selena Gomez are making millions of dollars annually based on their posts.  

If you aren't Beyonce, how can you get started growing your Instagram profile numbers? Here are The Groundswell's  5 C's for you to follow in order to get your account growing.  If you have 10 or 10,000 followers, these tips will help you grow.  


A successful social media account has an angle.  Most of us aren’t cool enough to create a wildly, successful instagram profile based simply on our real life.  Pick an element of your life and inflate it or pick a very specific topic and focus.  If you are really into eating healthy, going to comic con’s or something as simple your hometown then base your profile on that.  If you create music or video, then focus on an element of that - we want to see process pictures as you are working on your project.  Tell us a story through your images but make it about a topic that is more than just you.  

We like these accounts:

@Crackerfarm - See the behind-the-scenes world of The Avett Brothers and other great bands

@thiswildidea - A man’s truck and his dog show you the story of camping and travel

@texashumor - A funny take on things that connect Texans  - Buy a t-shirt!


To get noticed, you need attractive and compelling content. The best accounts have a clear color scheme and consistent topics.  Even if you aren’t a professional photographer there are a number of tools to make your posts look better.  

These are a few of our favorites:


Color Story



In the earliest stages of your profile, you need to do things no one else can do for you.  

Collaborate - Find other instagram users who are in your niche or a group you would like to be a part of and comment on their posts.  Use the hashtags they are using.  Hashtag use is vital, but it is important to use hashtags that people are clicking and not just ones you want to become successful.  

Conversation: When people leave comments on your posts, you need to comment back to them.  Do not comment back with a simple “Thanks” or using emoji’s.  Create a real conversation, ask them questions about their comments.  Create a friendship with people who comment often.  

Community: Since you are getting to know your new friends who leave repeat comments on your profile, work to connect them to each other.  Comment back to multiple users and put them in the same comment.  Work to connect your followers.