How Does Creativity Solve Problems?

The Groundswell's "Three Questions" posts are a simple way for creatives like you to hear from other creatives in different spaces.   Today's 3?'s were asked to Brock Shinen (Attorney, Strategic Advisor, Speaker and Author -

1) Every job or project has some level of creativity when it comes to storytelling, marketing, sales, activation or content creation, in your work where does the creative process begin for you?

People tend to view lawyers as the least creative people in the food chain. For me, creativity often comes in the form of problem solving. In fact, my creativity in problem solving has literally changed my practice from a “law” practice to a “strategy” practice. Sure, I can draft contracts as a pro, but it requires strategy and creativity to help a client navigate a complex problem with no solutions in sight. I am also naturally creative and I really enjoy writing and teaching. The byproduct is that I turn a lot of my knowledge into articles, white papers, podcasts, courses, and other pieces of content to help others succeed. 

2) In your opinion, what is the most effective tool you use to communicate your product or brand message?

I think a question like this begs for a “social media” or “blogging” response, but for me, the most effective tool I use to communicate my product and brand message is my work itself. My work speaks, and does a better job of communicating than I could articulate. The less I focus on tools to communicate and the more I focus on doing high-quality work, the more my business grows.

3) What inspires you about your work?

When Elon Musk asked what people wanted, they said a bullet train…so he gave them a space ship. When people ask me for a contract, I give them an education (and a contract). I’ve helped organizations revise their entire social media strategies because they asked me for a work-for-hire agreement for their web designer, only to discover that they also needed a new plan. I’ve helped leaders increase productivity by 10x when they asked me for an IP policy, only to discover they also needed to restructure how they use their time. What inspires me about my work is that it’s a doorway to go beyond and give more. My inspiration is that there’s always more I can give.

Hey Brock, thanks for doing this and please tell us more about yourself: 

I have been guiding entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and creators for almost 15 years as an attorney, trainer, and strategic advisor. My passion is to see people and businesses transform by implementing smart, adaptable thinking leading towards economic and personal success. I am also the author of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, “Crush The Stops: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finishing Things.” Find me online at and


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