5 Articles To Read Before Hiring an SEO Agency

Whether you are a sole-proprietor, a young start-up, a growing small business or a mature organization that needs to create growth, the best place to begin is with Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, this is how the internet finds you. You should view the internet as a single customer or better yet as an influencer. How you educate, persuade, convert and delight your customer matters. IT MATTERS! 

Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo! and all of the others function off of algorithms and they change these algorithms often so keeping up with the correct techniques also matters. For you to gain as much traffic as possible and to even sniff getting ranked you have to be optimized for search and that takes some work. 

I want to help you be as optimized as possible because I want to win and I want you to win at this game of SEO. So here are some key articles that you should read before hiring an SEO consultant or agency:

1: From Google: Do I Need an SEO Agent?

2: From Moz: What Questions should I ask an SEO agency?

3: From Entrepreneur: 10 Questions To ask When Hiring an SEO Consultant

4: From SEM Rush: The Quick And Dirty Guide to hiring an SEO Firm

5: Another Entrepreneur: Hiring an Overseas SEO Will Cost You In the Long Run


Written by Aaron Manes For The Groundswell
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