How Do I Get More Traffic to my Website?

The website in its original form was more of a company brochure that looked good on the slow moving internet.  Today's websites have to be so much more than a pretty piece of yesteryear's marketing.  

Today's websites are the centerpiece of your company's SEO and Inbound Marketing strategy.  Customer's literally do not want you cold calling them during dinner - the days of marketing interruption are gone.  Each customer uses a search engine to find you (Google, Bing, etc.) and your website needs to be set up correctly so that you get found.  

You may be asking yourself, "Why doesn't my website get more traffic?"  

To begin driving traffic and more leads you must have an SEO strategy.  Simply put, today's business creating websites create content.  

There isn't a magic formula for growth but you need to begin with a few simple content items.  Here is a list of simple things you can do to make your content effectively searchable:

  • Blog.  Think of yourself as the wikipedia of your industry ( Begin writing a blog about search topics )
  • Make sure your pages are using industry keywords and terms.  
  • Use social media to spread your content
  • Use Alt-text on images using your company name
  • If you create videos for youtube or other outlets, be sure to include copy in the "more info" section.  The words in the info sections are searchable.  

Pro tip: You don't have to be on every social media outlet, but you have to be working at least two. 

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Do You have other tips?  Leave us a comment.