The Audience Is The Answer

The Groundswell's "Three Questions" posts are a simple way for creatives like you to hear from other creatives in different spaces.   Today's 3?'s were asked to Chad Kerski (Strategy, iamOTHER - Pharrell Williams Brand Marketing Company).  

1) Every job or project has some level of creativity when it comes to storytelling, marketing, sales, activation or content creation, in your work where does the creative process begin for you?

Since I come from the "strategy" world, it should not be a surprise that I feel like the creative process begins with a well thought out brief.  What are you REALLY trying to solve?  Not a word salad of marketing-speak.  Just a simple set of answers to a simple set of questions.  Clarity of the ask can lead to great, on-point brainstorming that can lead to a great end product.  

2) In your opinion, what is the most effective tool you use to communicate your product or brand message? 

There really isn't a right answer to this, because the tool is never the answer.  The audience is the answer.  Where are they?  What do they want? How do they digest the countless amount of information thrown at them?  Start there, and it usually leads you to a set of tools that will work based on the goal.  

3) What inspires you about your work?

The countless selfless creative people you meet along the path of any program.

Hey Chad, thanks for doing this and please tell us more about yourself: 
I've been helping brands tell stories for almost two decades, most recently with partnerships and activations that come alive in pop culture.  Working at iamOTHER is a gift because we are often asked to bring our knowledge of brand marketing to programs that live on a spectrum between noble and cool.  And life is better when you are given the opportunity to do noble, cool things for a living.  


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