What Does Your Brand Value?

In sports, there is a lot of talk about organizational culture.  The most successful organizations in sports carry an extreme amount of organizational culture.  

- The New England Patriots have trade marked this statement and it is likely their most valuable statement.  

One of my friends is a big San Antonio Spurs fan.  He says he gets to cheer for the Spurs because he also cheers for the Minnesota Vikings - that's a whole other blog.  The Spurs have something they call and it infiltrates everything they do.  

What happens when the team comes in at halftime and they are down due to playing bad?  I read recently that Gregg Popovich (coach of the San Antonio Spurs) is just as likely to write his "Spurs Way" principles on the whiteboard as he is to work on X's and O's.  The truth here is that they are losing because they are not being who they are.  They aren't playing the Spurs way and that has nothing to do with X's and O's.    

For a start up brand, there is a huge lesson to be learned here.  If your social media numbers aren't moving at the rate you want them to or if your email click rate is just not cutting it, your x's and o's may not be the problem.  It may be that your message and values are not connecting. 

People and fans (especially Millennials) strongly connect to authentic messaging and typically the fastest way to go viral is to do something real and vulnerable to that people are afraid to do.  

Can your brand do that?  Can you identify your brand values?

If not, you should start today.