What Should I Post On My Social Media Account?

Here are 15 social media ideas that are successful  in creating likes, follows, and comments. Our advice will always be to consider your brand, messaging and identity before posting. Consider what colors you are using and what audience persona you are targeting.  

Colors are important: Red, Purple and Pink promote sharing.  Green, Black, Blue and Yellow all stop people from sharing.  Read more about coloring here

If you are trying to grow your following on facebook, instagram, twitter, linkedin or other platforms, you need to connect and genuinely communicate with your followers.  Respect your earliest followers.  Show favor to them but invite others in.

These social media tips can get you started:

Post Quotes which inspire you
Use a social design program to make them look cool.  Do not post just text only.  Make sure the design you use is “on brand” for you.

Poll your audience
Ask them interesting questions that you are actually interested in.  Think of ideas that may cause controversy.  I like Top-3 questions but good specific opinionated questions that drive conversation is what you are looking for. (what are your top 3 favorite songs by, Top fast food hamburger, What is the best city in the US?)

Post interesting Blogs you Read
If you liked the blog, then leave a comment for the author in the comments section.  Don’t promote, just leave a real comment.  When you post to your socials, be sure to link to the author in the post.  This sort of collaboration drives numbers. Also consider posting a blog segment with some of your own comments but include the link to the full blog.

Photos that have nothing to do with your products or business
Instead, they convey the feeling behind your brand. For instance, how Starbucks shares photos on Instagram to associate their brand with sunshine, warmth, and good friends (not just coffee).

Recommend a tool
Share a (preferably free) tool or resource you think your followers would find useful.  Posting about products can get clicks and likes from that product’s fans via searches.

Share a favorite book
Share a book recommendation your fans or followers would appreciate.  Ideally you have read the book you are recommending.  Be sure to tag the author and/or publishing company.  

Ask for advice
Pose a hypothetical question and ask your followers what they would do in that situation.  Be sure to follow up in the comments of this type of post.  Your followers want to know that you are paying attention to what they post.  

Share a work/life balance tip
Your social media followers want to know you’re a real person with the same struggles as them. Share a tip you’ve learned for balancing work, life and family.  

‘Caption this’
Post a photo and ask your fans to come up with creative or funny captions.  The photo can be of you or it can be a random photo.  

Share a trending Google search
Visit Google’s Top Charts to find out what people are currently searching for; give your own spin on one of these topics.

Do a post series
We do this on our blogs, why not on social media? Share a series of similar posts over a certain number of days.  Search for a 10-day or 30-day instagram challenge and ask your fans to participate.  Then use a specific hashtag that all the images should be posted with and searchable by.

Encourage your followers to support a cause
Post a link to an online fundraiser (and contribute to it yourself).

Ask your fans for content ideas
Find out which issues or problems your fans need help with.  

Promote an industry-related event
This can either be a live or online event.  You could event create a watching party for that event and do live updates as you watch with your fans.

Share a funny commercial
Post a commercial that would be appeal to your fans or followers.  As always, it should be on brand with your overall messaging and identity.

Pro tip: Tag locations whenever possible - especially popular locations like museums, stadiums, city attractions, etc. People regularly search by locations.