Why is Perseverance and Creative Deal-Making Key to Releasing a Film?

The Groundswell's "Three Questions" posts are a simple way for creatives like you to hear from other creatives in different spaces.   Today's 3?'s were asked to Andy Peterson (Senior Creative Media Executive for Aspiration.is and the just launched Docsologyfilms.com

  1) Every job or project has some level of creativity when it comes to storytelling, marketing, sales, activation or content creation, in your work where does the creative process begin for you?

Every project we touch is unique. My job would be much easier if we had go-to solutions that worked every time but that’s just not the reality in the film and television space which is changing rapidly. Of course we can sometimes build on ideas or successes we’ve had prior, but for the most part we are beginning from scratch to unpack the unique elements of the project and developing new strategies to achieve our goals. What that means for us of course is beginning with the script or cut of the film and pulling out possible connections, partners and nuances we can exploit to acquire various target audiences. It’s way more art that science — but is the only way for us to understand the how we’ll eventually create a plan.

2) In your opinion, what is the most effective tool you use to communicate your product or brand message? 

I’m not sure there’s any one tool that comes to mind when it comes to communicating the brand message — sometimes it’s a trailer or key art, and other times it’s a great piece of social content or behind the scenes featurette that embodies the message or mission behind the content. It really varies from project to project, and we know there’s a somewhat static tool box we can go to in an attempt to find the right tool, so sometimes it’s just a matter of experimenting until we find the right fit. 

3) What inspires you about your work?

Films and filmmakers who have overcome great odds to get their project off the ground. Writing a script or developing a concept for a project is one thing, but getting it made is a tremendous undertaking that requires perseverance and expert level deal-making skills. I’m in awe of anyone who has the stomach to stick with it as long as many filmmakers have to. Beyond that we are always on the hunt for stories that authentically and thoughtfully explore the truth about the human condition with excellence, artistry, and substance — if you’ve got something in that bucket we absolutely want to be part of it. 


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More About Andy:  Andy Peterson is a senior creative media executive at the forefront of marketing entertainment properties and brands to cause conscious & progressive faith-based audiences. As a principal at film marketing & development agency Aspiration, I've been involved in launching dozens of independent and studio feature films and TV series’ including projects from Paramount Pictures, Participant Media, Sony Pictures, AMC, FOX, dick clark productions and National Geographic among others.

Andy is also leading Aspiration’s new Docs/ology initiative for curating, servicing and funding ‘praise-worthy’ documentary films.

In 2012 Andy created the Justice Film Festival, a film experience that promotes social justice and celebrates emerging filmmakers from around the world.  The festival, which Andy directs, recently completed its 5th annual event in New York City at the Sheen Center for Thought & Culture screening 18-films including a premiere of National Geographic’s The Story of Us with Morgan Freeman.

Andy is a graduate of Taylor University, and has lived in Nashville for over 20-years with his wife Rebecca. They have three children. An avid record collector Andy has over 1,000 pieces of vinyl in his collection, and can usually be found visiting contemporary art museums and other sacred spaces during his travels.