Church and Non-Profit Organization Marketing

As people driven by passion we know that small teams with big hearts can do huge things!  We can equip your message and purpose with tools from both the tech and new marketing spaces to draw interest, share your story and increase donations!  


Story And Message

We teach leaders and staff new ways to organize competing messages, make better decisions to help their donors and volunteers hear what's most important and get noticed in their community. Your organization has a voice and a story and we help you maximize your connection to people inside and outside your walls. 

Web Presence and Social Media

A vital piece of telling your story is in the ability to create content.  We equip you with the ability to properly use your website and social media to spread your message.   Your organization can enhance its appeal through visual appearance, functionality, site organization, content and user engagement. We also design, program and host both custom and template websites.  We like to use SquareSpace but have experience with Clover, Wordpress and many other custom content management solutions.  


Using Technology to Grow Your Reach

Whether you are just beginning steps toward online engagement or are ready for a more comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, we know that you can create new relationships with new donors before they ever step into your building or give to your cause. We’ll help you build trust with your readers and provide easy next steps through blog content, e-books, white papers, social media and analytics.