Website Launch: The Retreat House


Website Launch: Retreat House Spirituality Center

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The Retreat House is a contemplative community in Richardson, Texas offering spiritual direction, retreats, and additional spiritual community. Their previous website was on Wordpress and their operational ability was outsourced to a third-party. The site was not SEO-driven, lacked strategy and they were also not taking advantage of many non-profit tech opportunities.

After a few meetings we discerned some strategy, wanted to give them full operational control and incorporate G-Suite for non-profits. We moved their site to Squarespace for hosting and backend, created topical SEO pages and created a more useable and attractive site.

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How did we simplify their operation? They were running multiple event calendars which weren’t really working. We streamlined them to just using Eventbrite for their event & ticketing and used an app to create a event calendar on their website. Now they enter an event once and they can update their Eventbrite page, their website and facebook page.

Visit the new site at