Local SEO: Launching a Restaurant


When we received the call from the owners at The Americano Coffee Lounge a few months back we were intrigued at the idea - a coffee lounge, how is that different from a coffee shop? We knew we would build a website but our local SEO strategy would need to be loud and our keyword research would drive blog/page entries. 

First step, keyword research: We need to get this site to rank #1 and we have some competition from another local restaurant called "Americano" as well as a few large ranking competitors like YELP and an "Americano" themed coffee bar in Las Vegas. 

When we launched the site it took us 4 weeks to rank #1 on both Google and Bing and our content strategy has allowed the site to now rank for five different keywords (all of which will get to #1 in the first three months of launch). 

Second step has been social media and publicity. We continue to build a solid base and will launch the store with a social network of 1,000 people. We have secured some publicity along the way and will continue to see more as this store develops. 

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Visit www.americanocoffeelounge.com

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