Website Launch & 100,000 Views


Our approach for the new Arapaho United Methodist Church website ( was story first.  Once we identified their core messaging, we knew exactly how to build a website that would use SEO and Social Media to draw people in.  The site itself was built using Squarespace (Bryant Template) and its the site messaging is pushed through unique department blogs to maximize SEO content based on focused content.    

We launched the site with some new video content.  One of their launch videos in the first week had an online reach over 100,000 and grabbed 500+ shares.  Not bad for a church of 300 members.  The site itself is drawing international views and will see traffic over 10-15,000 site visits in the back half of 2017.  

The website launch is phase one.  Phase two will include a more robust blog and include inbound marketing implementation built around the church's faith, message and doctrine.